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  • Incredible VALUE

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         Pebble Paving Company

San Diego, California USA  

...the ultimate, affordable solution for resurfacing your driveway, pool deck, garage or patio. We resurface concrete, brick, tile, pavers, flagstone & most other hard surfaces beautifully, professionally, permanently.

What a difference a day makes!

There is simply nothing like it, and only one place to get it. Using proprietary formulas for its epoxy and mixtures, Pebble Paving Company completely refurbishes your outdoor area in one day, ready for use the next. The finished product exhibits all these virtues: Completely porous-no more puddles! Highly stain resistant-spill virtually anything. Neat and trim-no ugly seams or joints. Highly repairable-if a tree root cracks Pebble Paving, it's easily and neatly repairable (unlike concrete). Pebble Paving installations over concrete include a 10-year Warranty, the longest and strongest in the industry.

Pebble Paving is the Designer's Choice...

Smooth, comfortable, durable epoxy stone flooring...that's the Pebble Paving advantage. And BEAUTIFUL! Colors to match your decor. Comfortable, even for bare feet. No more puddles due to its incredible porosity. Every installation is 100% warranted. If you have an ugly, stained or broken hard surface, we have the perfect solution...Pebble Paving©.

Phone: (858) 292-9164

Email: sales@pebblepaving.com
...only in America's Finest City

San Diego, California

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