Key Employee Information

There is no substitute for experience...



John Falconer (shown with brother Bob)

John (on right, above) offers over 35 yrs. of pebble resurfacing experience. Bob retired in 2010 after 35 yrs.experience as well. John will still call on you personally and provide your quote. He guarantees your complete satisfaction.

Key Responsibilities:

Owner-operator: responsible for sales, marketing, installation, maintenance, customer relations, sweeping up and turning out the lights.



Michael Hyatt

Mike has over 30 years with the Company, serving in all capacities from journeyman to lead trowel man to Foreman. Mike is a computer wizard, an excellent, accident-free driver for over 30 years and our resident 'Mr. Fix-it'.
And his Batman collection makes Warner Bros. drool.

Mike's Key Responsibilities

Oversees all installations: responsible for quality control, crew supervision, customer satisfaction and sales in the eastern portion of San Diego county.

Senior Installer

Robert Falconer, Jr.

Robert Jr., (Bobby) has over 20 years with the company and has served in every capacity to excel in his trade. Besides being an expert finisher, he is also a computer guru, an off-road enthusiast, an accident-free driver, an avid fisherman (pictured above, two of his favorite catches), and most recently a model airplane hobbyist.

Bobby's Key Responsibilities

Overall integrity of each installation, responsible for final finish of product, customer relations and customer satisfaction. Bob also makes sales calls in northern San Diego county.


Jon Krenz

Jon has over 5 years with the company and serves admirably in his duties. Besides being an expert surfer, he is also an avid carpenter where he recycles old wood for modern projects. Jon also works evenings as a Assistant Cook at a local hotel here in town.

Jon's Key Responsibilities

Overall integrity of each installation, responsible for final mixing of product and customer satisfaction. Jon also has the crew's back during all applications.


Phone: (858) 292-9164

San Diego, California

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