The Great Cover-Up!

Pebble Paving your service for over 35 yrs.

Designer Elegance ...for your Outdoor Living

  • Puddle-free surface (liquids flow right through)
  • Ideal resurfacing for nearly any hard surface in nearly any condition
  • Perfect for driveways, patios, pool decks, walks, garages
  • Totally natural stone, totally natural (and permanent) colors
  • One of the longest warranties (10 yrs.) you can trust--nearly everything except ground movement, Act of God or your own damage (and all of that can be repaired or capped).
  • Installed only by fully-trained, US-citizen professional employees who care as much about your home as they do theirs.
Facts about Pebble Paving

How expensive is it?

Pebble Paving installed in any color, including labor and materials, costs less than pavers, concrete, tile or flagstone installed by licensed contractors. Often MUCH less. Minimums apply.

How is it applied?

The 2-part epoxy is mixed on site, then combined with the natural quartz gravel and troweled right over your existing surfaces, creating a dazzling epoxy stone flooring unlike any other.

How long does it take?

99% of our installations are completed in one day, ready for use the very next day. There is no week-long 'prep', no mess, no jackhammering out of the old product, no multi-day 'cure' time, no long-lasting delays which define other surface treatments...and other companies! Remember- long cure times can spell disaster from weather, animals, accidents or a combination of all three.

We believe the best product is the best advertising. And we believe we offer it!


  • completely ugly joints or seams
  • completely puddle-free...liquids flow 'through' like water through coffee grounds
  • years of beauty achieved in a single day...totally eliminates any ugly surface
  • low maintenance...high resale value
  • highly stain resistant...oil, grease, acids, gasoline have no effect
  • easily cleaned with soap and water if necessary
  • usually costs LESS than all other permanent outdoor resurfacing—lasts longer, warranted longer
  • can even be installed over some wood or asphalt applications (but with higher risk, less warranty)

Phone: (858) 292-9164

San Diego, California

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