Maintenance Information

...whether we installed your pebbles or not!

We are a full-service company, offering nearly every possible service you may need or desire pertaining to pebble paving.

For 'do-it-yourself-ers' we offer straight-forward, unbiased, helpful advice. We can high-pressure wash almost any spill. We recommend and provide complete periodic re-epoxying services regardless of who installed your job or what maintenance it's had. This 'top-dressing' is what keeps your pebble paving looking great for years and years. It's inexpensive and should be done every few years. We also sell epoxy reseal kits, complete with fool-proof (nearly!) instructions should you want to 'top-dress' yourself. Do NOT buy epoxy sold on the web, in the big boxes, nor epoxy made for boats, etc., regardless of how it's described. THEY WILL FAIL! You'll be better off doing nothing. Seriously. Drop us an e-mail. We'll provide the information, the product or the service you need, at your request.

Our on-site employees and our office staff both have decades of experience: ask any one of them any question you have about pebble paving.

Expect an experienced, knowledgeable, honest reply.


If you're a customer, we offer substantial resources to assist you in solving any problem you're having...pebble paving related that is! These resources include papers on various Pebble Paving subjects and the opportunity for a personal visit by a technician (sometimes for a minimum charge) to help you. Email us and you'll receive specific answers. {Sorry, this service is for customers only}.

Phone: (858) 292-9164

San Diego, California

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